TRIME X-ECO 4x300w 48v LED

Our engineers know that the market needs a
lighting tower that is rugged, long lasting and
safe. The X-ECO has been created beginning
from these characteristics. It is the best solution
to your needs and guarantees 4500 sqm of illuminated
area. 14 units can be loaded on a
standard truck. To all of this, we added the technology
that allows for maximum fuel efficiency
and reliability.
  • Ease of transport
    and handling Multi-directionally adjustable and tiltable floodlights 
  • 4x300W, 48V LED lights
    • 48V power between the generator and the lights 
  • 7 sections hydraulic vertical tower 8,5 m, 340° rotatable 
  • Galvanized metalworks 
  • 80 ?m powder coating 
  • Very compact dimensions for easy handling &
    transportability, up to 14 units per truck 
  • Central lifting eye, longitudinal and transversal
    forklift pockets for effective handling 
  • Plug & play, colour coded cables and connectors 
  • Guided main coiled cable to avoid damage
    during tower operation 
  • Control panel alarms for engine proteciton and
    fuel level indicator 
  • Circuit breaker for electrical protection against overload 
  • External emergency stop button 
  • Fully bunded tank, 110% 
  • Certified wind stability up tp 110 km/h 
  • 4 height adjustable stabilizers 
  • On board levels for guidance during stabilization 
  • Amoss safety breake

Applications and Uses

  • Outdoor Lighting